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Everybody loves the feeling of a fresh clean smile. Twice a year you should come in to your Milltown dentist and leave with a dazzling smile.

Our dentist will perform a periodic oral health evaluation, which includes an oral cancer screening. He will then remove any excess tartar and plaque, and finally polish your teeth!

There are several different techniques used for polishing. One of which is called “Air Polishing”, where high pressured air mixed with a baking-soda type powder is aimed at the teeth to polish and clean.

Another option, more commonly seen to be used with children, uses a toothbrush looking device with a rubber cup on the end. This “prophy angle” in combination with a special paste with grit polishes your teeth until they are perfect!

Flouride is a special substance that seeps into the tissues of the teeth and provides strength for your natural tooth structure and helps prevent cavities. The flouride used is a varnish, meaning it is sticky and stays on the teeth for a while. That allows the teeth to get the maximum amount of benefit from this procedure.